Personal Design Statement

Personal design statements form an integral part of a designer’s resume. It is basically a brief overview about the purpose and sphere of the designer’s work. It acts as a selling tool acquainting the buyer with the designer’s principles and work process so that they may be able to understand the design from the designer’s perspective.

It also comes across as a useful tool in explaining one’s passion and commitment towards the profession to one’s recruiters or supervisor.

Sample Personal Design Statement

Name of the designer: Rihanna Mayer

Field of design: Fashion Designer

Personal Design Statement

Ever since my Barbie dressing days, I have been fascinated with the world of fashion. While the glitz and glamor held a luring charm in my early childhood days, as I grew up, I found myself more and more attracted to the art of designing. The idea of designing new clothes and setting fashion trends was what goaded me to take up fashion designing as my profession.

Pursuing my passion, I enrolled myself in the New York Fashion Designing industry to master the trades of the art. The course was a life changing experience for me as it not only equipped me about the necessary knowledge of textiles and designs but also gave me the confidence to give expression to my creative mind.

Despite my institutional training, I prefer to go by instinct when it comes to designing clothes. Being a bohemian dresser myself, I prefer playing with colors and materials and unleash my wild, daring side on my designs. While I keep myself abreast about the latest fashion trends and market demands, I rather prefer to start new trends than play safe and cash on the existent tried and tested designs.

The inspiration for my designs may come from a wide array of things ranging from novels to movies, interesting personalities to weather changes.