Personal Artist Statement

A personal artist statement is a brief overview of a personal artist’s work, defining the art philosophy, method, principles and believes expressed by the artist through his works. The chief objective of a personal artist statement is to facilitate selling of one’s art by providing the customer a rare insight into the thought process of the artist’s mind.

It thus acquaints potential buyers with the artist’s art philosophy and history, thereby enriching their understanding of the artist and his art.

Sample Personal Artist Statement

Name of the artist: Jose Fernandez.

Personal Artist statement:

Despite my professional success and experience, I would like to believe myself to be a self-taught natural painter. I have always considered art to be a spontaneous expression of one’s feelings and hence been principally against institutionalized training of art.

I have drawn my inspiration from my idol, Sir Vincent Van Gogh and from the objects of nature and daily living experiences. It may not necessarily be an object of conventional beauty or anything that one may consider a potential subject of painting.

Thus, straying from the stereotypical path, I have chosen, as my subjects, anything and everything that has triggered my curiosity, amusement and motivated me to take up a brush. It may be a simple flower or a little girl in ragged dress singing for alms or an accident scene, a scene from the leaf of a book, the rhythm of music, the smell of the wet earth, coffee or wine, or just a riot of colors expressing my emotions of that particular moment.

In terms of technique too, I do not stick to any particular school of painting. I mainly go by instinct and apply the drawing technique that I feel would the best do justice to the chosen subject. Being a strong believer of dynamism, I prefer to constantly explore and experiment with new techniques and methods as stagnancy for me implies mediocrity and impending decadence. I am extremely self demanding and a pursuer of excellence.