Performance Work Statement

A performance work statement is a document that states how a certain work needs to be done by the service provider. The document gives the service provider huge flexibility in order to work out the best method to finish the required work.  A performance work statement states the requirement of the client. The statement also states all the aspects around the purpose of work sets the objective terms of the contractor clearly. Sometimes the lists of tasks are also mentioned in the statement.

Sample Performance Work Statement

Performance work statement

This is a service contract in order to provide consulting services. The Government will not exercise any control over the contract and has no authority over it. The service provider is accountable only to the contractor.

Description of services:

The contractor all the required facilities to the service provider which include helping hands in form of personnel, transportation, office premise, tools and materials which include stationery items and also supervision.

Objectives of services:

The service provider will be providing career as well psychological counseling to the employees of the contractor. The objective of this is that this will helping in improving the performance in of the employees. They will also feel a bit relieved if they get psychological counseling.

Quality assurance of performance:

The services provider assures quality in the service provided.

Hours of operation:

The service provider will be providing their services thrice every week with a total of six hours each day.

Place of performance:

The place of performance will be the office premise of the contractor