Online Financial Statement

Online financial statement is a document of financial transaction of a business, person or organization that is presented online. Therefore, such kind of a statement must elucidate aspects of quantitative and thorough financial management of the concerned authority.

Sample Online Financial Statement

Noodles and Beverages Corporation

To view the financial statement of any particular time period selects the dates

Date: from 1st September 2011 to 15th September 2011

The following declaration is for the month of September of the financial year 2011-12 has been clicked to be viewed.

Liabilities of the organization

  • Company Loans: [ A time period of 5 years remain for paying off the below mentioned debts completely]

–          Loans taken for two production machineries worth $200000

–          Loans taken for reconstruction and renovation purposes worth $26000

–          Loans taken for buying two foreign imported machineries important to maintain the quality standard of the manufactured beverages worth $26000

–          Loans taken for other purposes worth up to $35000

Total number of liabilities: 4

Total amount to be paid for the liabilities: $6000000

Assets of the organization

  • Twenty five national savings certificate on the name of the organization worth $25000000
  • Seven industry insurances on the name of the organization worth $260000
  • Five other insurances for safeguarding against damages cause due to fire, theft, or any other reason amounting $ 50000000

Total number of assets: 3

Total amount invested on the assets: $100000

Do not disclose the password of this account as exposure of financial statement can cause market risk for the company.

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