Online Bank Statement

Online bank statement is a piece of document generated by the bank over their online site depicting the detailed or any transactions of an account to its holder or certifying him or her as an authorized customer of the bank. Such a document seeks a degree of accuracy and clarification; therefore, the bank authority should prepare it with complete authentication.

Sample Online Bank Statement

Bank name: United Corporation Bank

Bank branch: Lake Town Branch

Please ensure that you do not declare your online banking user id and password to anyone as these are subjected to confidential and personal matter. If you do it accidently then immediately change your credentials by logging into the site.

Account Holder’s name: Jane Paul

Account Number: 6778881

Type of account: Savings account

Date of issuing the bank statement online: 15th July 2011

The statement records all the transactions from 1st July 2011- 15th July 2011

Balance in account: $50000

Unclear Balance: 0.00

Modified Balance: 0.00

Currency: $

Rate of Interest 5%

Account statement for the following time period as mentioned above.

  • Date of transaction: 1st July 2011


Amount: $2500

  • Date of transaction: 6th July 2011

Narration: By Transfer NEFT Reference no:  UCB3448980990 Rouger Ferrari

Amount: $23000

  • Date of transaction: 12th July 2011

Narration: POS Transaction on Happily Style shop

Amount: $250

  • Date of transaction: 13th July 2011

Narration: POS Transaction on TV shop

Amount: $350

  • Date of transaction: 14th July 2011

Narration: POS Transaction on Grocery shop

Amount: $567

For rest of the bank statement select the time period on the drop down list accordingly.

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