Official Bank Statement

Official bank statement is a legal document generated by any bank with its official stamp and signature which serve either as an evidence or certification for the concerned customer of that bank. Such a statement should be released with complete authentication and verification.

Sample Official Bank Statement

State Bank of California [Rutland Branch]

76, Rutland Street


Official Bank Statement for Certification

Date of issuing the official bank statement: 6th June 2011


This official bank document solicits for certifying Mr. Fedrar Roger as one of the customer of State Bank of California [Rutland Branch] holding a savings account of number 56886543. He has satisfactorily maintained his account without eliciting any complaints from our end. He currently have savings amount of $35000 in his account. He has only one account in this bank and which is in constant process. This official bank statement document has been issued by bank on request of Mr. Fedrar Roger for obtaining working visa from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, of United Kingdom.

Kindly note we are no way responsible for any moral or personal conduct of this account holder.  This official bank statement is an attestation of the person’s credential with respect to this bank only.

Therefore, the bank do not bear any responsibility incase of any malpractices found against this person. State Bank of California wishes all the very best to Mr. Fedrar Roger for his upcoming endeavors.

Signature of the bank official issuing the certificate ________________________

Signature of the account holder _________________________

Bank stamp ___________________

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