Nursing Research Statement

A nursing research statement is a document that deals with the details of a particular research project that concerns nursing and related aspects. Nursing is a significant and strong wing of medical science that is almost as essential as treatment and medicines, if not more, to contribute to the proper cure and healing of a patient. Newer technologies and practices are being developed continuously to make nursing reach desired targets and thus the statement for nursing research should be prepared carefully and thoroughly.

Sample Nursing Research Statement:

Title: Nursing Mentally Challenged Children and Adults

Research Overview:

This nursing research is a special effort to look into the various issues that are involved in nursing patients who are mentally challenged. The research work is again finely classified into two sections – nursing of children and nursing of adults.

Research commissioned by: Health Care Institute of Medical Sciences

Research conducted by: Maria Augustine, George Paul Hawkins, and Fredrick McKinley

Nursing Research Statement:

The nursing research statement has been framed to bring to the notice of all working nurses and also the interested applicants to this job, regarding the gravity of the situation wherein one has to understand the faculties of the patient and nurse them according to individual needs. The area of work is very sensitive and that is where the need and purpose of the research stands justified. The case history as well as medical reports of the patient will have to be studied thoroughly and methods of nursing adopted thereafter, according to the condition of the respective person. The nursing has to be done with extreme tenderness as each of the cases witnessed have been very sensitive and such is the trend.

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