Nursing Career Statement

A career statement generally reflects a person’s interest to serve a particular field and his or her accomplishments related to that. Nursing career statement is just another career statement stated by those interested to join the particular field of nursing.

Sample Nursing Career Statement 1: I am a dedicated, helping and friendly human being who has a strong zeal to get associated with such an environment which would help me make my ambition succeeded.  Moreover, I have a strong intention to utilize my year long experience on the field of nursing as well.

Sample Nursing Career Statement 2: With my true dedication and eagerness of serving mankind I want to secure a position through which I can practice my nursing skill for achieving a healthy society.

Sample Nursing Career Statement 3: My plan is to work in such a position where my year long experience of nursing and serving to mankind could be utilized at its best. Even I would get an opportunity to contribute for the healthy society with my strong ability of organizing nursing camps.

Sample Nursing Career Statement 4: Being compassionate and friendly individual I have always looked for a position that would give me ample opportunity to exercise my skills. Moreover, I have a plan to utilize my best experience in the field of nursing for contributing significantly on the field of health care.

Sample Nursing Career Statement 5: My intention is to devote my skills and experience on the field of nursing significantly for the benefit of the society.

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