Notarized Bank Statement

A notarized bank statement is chiefly used for evidential or verification purposes. It is a bank statement of an individual which is authorized by a public notary, for added credibility and verity. It is often required by companies or institutions which demand a proof of finances available from the person concerned for verification purposes. Often, education institutions ask for notarized bank statements from prospective students.

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Sample Notarized Bank Statement:

Notarized Bank Statement

Download Notarized Bank Statement

The following is the notarized bank statement of Miss Roberta Jacobs, submitted to Maryland University as per Clause 3 (a) of the University Admission Guidelines, to prove that Miss Roberta Jacobs possesses the necessary funds to cover her tuition fees and living expenditure in Maryland University.

State Bank of the United States

Bank statement

To whom it may concern,

State Bank of United States declares that the information provided below is accurate and verified, and that Miss Roberta Jacobs is an honest account holder in our bank from 12th June 2001. We have no complaints to make against her.

Name: Miss Roberta Jacobs

Address: 56 Kenwood Street, New York

Account number: 347567644

Account type: Savings account

Current balance [as on the 4th of June 2011]: 50000 $

Bank branch: Bank Street Branch, New York

Bank code: 4457564673

We vouch for Miss Roberta Jacobs as an honest member of our family. We have received no complaints against her, and her conduct has been impeccable.

Signature of bank manager: ________________________________

Signature of notary: ______________________________________

Seal/stamp of notary: ____________________________

Date: 4th of June 2011

Place: New York

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