Non Profit Mission Statement

Since the primary objective of a non-profit organization is to serve humanity, it is extremely important to convey their intentions and policies to the general public through a mission statement. A non-profit mission statement is a declaration that defines the purpose of a non-profit organization, the services they render and the compassion and commitment involved in performing those services.

Sample Non Profit Mission Statement

Name of the organization: Independent Consolidates.

Location: 25/B Middle Western Street, Third Floor, Flat No. 8E, New Jersey, NJ – 45266

Description: ‘Independent Consolidates’ is a non-profit organization that offers support to marginalized people in gaining employment and leading an independent livelihood. The organization has its headquarters at New Jersey and has been doing a commendable job in providing support and services to the so-called subalterns and rehabilitating them in the mainstream society.

Established in: 2000

Motto/ Slogan: Equality and dignity for all.

Mission Statement: The mission of ‘Independent Consolidates’ is to serve as a non-profit support center for the marginalized populace ofNew Jersey. The organization offers financial, emotional, moral and mental support to those whom society has otherwise deprived of their fundamental rights for unjustified causes. The organization, therefore, works for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, colored, disabled and other marginalized people and help them lead an independent dignified life by aiding them in getting employment in their locality.

The organization also attempts to bring sex workers, drug addicts and people from the transgender community by offering them a dignified way of life through proper employment. It also offers its members the right judicial support in case they have been wrongly discriminated against in their workplace or have been deprived of their rights. It also has a counseling program to provide its clients the right emotional and mental support.

Vision: To create an inclusive, equal society for one and all.