Monthly Financial Statement

A monthly financial statement is a document which highlights the income and expenditure situation of a company, a business enterprise or even an individual on a monthly basis. It is a complete record of the concerned entity’s financial records for the monthly period stipulated and it must be absolutely accurate and free of errors. A monthly financial statement is usually prepared by professionals in the department of finance of a company as they are qualified to create the perfect monthly financial statement.

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Sample Monthly Financial Statement:

Monthly Financial Statement

Download Monthly Financial Statement

Name of individual: Jason Roberts

Designation: Assistant general manager, Publicity and Sales

Company: Silver Productions Inc.

Financial statement for the monthly period: June 2011 to July 2011

Purpose of monthly financial statement: The monthly financial statement is important not only as a record of the income of the individual, but also for tax assessment. It also has documental value as it may later be referred to.

Total income of the employee: $ 100000 [Pay inclusive of Dearness Allowance, and other allowances]

Salary paid on: 4th of July 2011 [to the account holder’s account in Deale Bank, New York]

Total deductions from monthly salary:

  • Premium for two National savings Certificates amounting to: $1000
  • Premiums for home insurance amounting to: $1000
  • Monthly contribution to provident fund: $3000
  • Premiums for car and Health insurance respectively: $2000 and $4000

Bonus received in this period: $5000

Payment of extra hours: [12 extra hours in one month period]: $2000

Monthly financial statement prepared by: Martha Rogers, Head, Finance and Employee benefits, Silver Productions Inc.

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