Monthly Bank Statement

A monthly bank statement is a document which is issued to a customer by his or her bank and details the withdrawal and deposit accounts of the customer. The monthly bank statement can either be requested for by the customer in case there is no provision in the bank for issuing these statements, or they can be issued as part of the procedure itself. The monthly bank statement must be accurate and precise, highlighting all the transactions in the bank account for the period of the given month.

You can Download the Free Monthly Bank Statement, customize it according to your needs and Print. Monthly Bank Statement is either in MS Word, Excel or in PDF.

Sample Monthly Bank Statement:

Monthly Bank Statement

Download Monthly Bank Statement

State Bank of New York

Monthly Bank Statement

The following is the bank statement of Mr. Johnson Jacobs. It details the transactions in the customer’s bank account for the period given below. All information provided in this document is accurate as far as we can discern. However, as this is a computer generated document, errors may inadvertently creep in. In such a case, customers are requested to notify us immediately.

Name of account holder: Mr. Johnson Jacobs

Account number: 1273637465

Account holder’s address: 12B New Main Road, New York

Type of account: Savings account

Date of establishment of bank account: 5th June 2010

Period of monthly statement: June 2011 to July 2011

Current usable balance: $3000

Ledger balance [not usable]: $ 1000

Number of deposits: 14

Number of withdrawals: 2 [Please check enclosed document for details of each transaction]

Maximum amount of money deposited in a single transaction: $ 900

Maximum amount of money withdrawn in a single transaction: $50000

Rate of interest: 5%

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