Mission Statements

Mission statements reveal the purpose of the existence and functioning of a company. The statements are short, and highlight the main viewpoint in regards to the purpose of the company in a concise, organized format. Every company needs to have a mission statement. The mission statement is always highlighted in the advertisements of the good and/or services of the company, in its brochure and on its official website.

Mission statements ought to include pertinent information in their content. A few of the primary information that the mission statements should reflect –

  • The major purpose of the company and the aim that it is focusing at. The aims can have sub-points under it.
  • The primary stakeholders of the organization that include the comprehensive coterie of the investors and clients/customers.

The specific methods via which the organization caters to the needs of these particular stakeholders and benefits them both in long and short terms.

The above mentioned points define the overall structure of the mission statements. These also need to include certain quintessential components as following –

  • The description of the key market under the scrutiny of the company. The customer bands which need to be targeted are clearly explained in a tidy manner.
  • The description of the goods and/or services of the company should be one of the components in the mission statements. This would convey the nature and genre of the deliverables to the interested parties and targeted groups.
  • The mentioning of the distinct features of the company’s products that separate them from those of the other companies. This component is very important as it helps in establishing the brand image of the company along with its deliverables released or to be released in the market. There are experts and reviewers in every company who perform the job of writing the mission statements and streamline it to the functioning of the respective business entities.

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