Mission Statement Template

A mission statement template is a layout designed for the easy composition of a mission statement. A mission statement provides a structural schema for an organization’s future plans. It underlines the mission of the company or organization and provides, in an organized and informed manner, some ways to achieve the mission stated.

Sample Mission Statement Template

Name of company/organization: _________________________________

[Mention the name of the company to begin on a factual note]

Date of submission of mission statement: ___________________ [mm/dd/yy] [Provide the relevant date]

Mission statement prepared by: _________________________________ [Provide the names of the compilers of the mission statement]

Our objectives as a company:

  • Objective 1: _______________________________
  • Objective 2: _______________________________
  • Objective 3: ________________________________ [Mention a few objectives or goals of the company in order to highlight the exact path it wants to tread as far its future course of action is concerned]

Means to achieve those objectives: ____________________________ [Provide some of the steps taken or to be taken by the company to realize their goals and objectives]

Our shareholders include: ___________________________________________ [Enlist the names of the stakeholders in the company. A mission statement must provide sufficient data about the present workings of the company apart from outlining its mission]

Purpose of a mission statement:

  • Purpose 1: __________________________________
  • Purpose 2: __________________________________
  • Purpose 3: __________________________________ [Enumerate what the company understands by a mission statement and how it is an integral part of the strategic planning done by the company]

Our mission: ______________________________________ [This forms the conclusion of the mission statement. Outline the broad mission of the company, its goals and thrust areas]

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