Mission Statement Format

Mission statement is a formal document which clearly and succinctly represents an organization’s purpose for existence. Therefore, a mission statement format is being utilized to present the company’s perspective concisely and specifically.

Sample Mission Statement Format

Name of the business ________________________________

Established in the year _________________________

First Paragraph: The first paragraph of the mission statement must give a detailed overview of the company. It should also emphasize on the role of the company and through its existence how society is benefitted from it. Even it should also mention about the company’s present stand on the market. This following details on the first paragraph helps to complete an effective mission statement in the preceding paragraphs.

Second Paragraph: This paragraph mainly emphasizes on the purpose or mission of the company effectively. Therefore, it is essential to construct the paragraph with effective wordings and sentences so that the statement could present a broadest perspective of the enterprise’s mission. A broader aspect helps to create a big picture for the clients, customers and prospects. Even while framing this paragraph one should use strong wordings which must have the capability to withstand changes that could occur with time in products, services and other offerings of the company.

Third Paragraph: Third paragraph must effectively conclude or summarize the entire statement. One should incorporate measurable criteria and socially meaningful sentences on this paragraph. It should also mention the expectation and purpose of framing the mission statement. This would help to create a clear picture of the entire statement in a comprehensive, courteous yet professional approach.

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