Method Statements

Method Statements are developed and made by an employer for their workers or suppliers before doing the jobs given where risks may be present or one maybe harmed. It has all the details of the job and how each risk may be avoided, that may happen while doing the job.
While creating such type of statements following points must be kept in mind:

  • Define and analyse the tasks well such that each job is categorised and classified properly.
  • Make list of all the people who shall do the task. You must give the job description of each worker.
  • It is vital to list all the hazards and dangers in the statement such that you may not be blamed later.
  • Write the methods of controlling the risks.
  • Identify the person who shall control the risk in case of a danger. One must review the control measures repeatedly for safety.
  • The individual observing must give assessment of the consequence analyzed on his observations.
  • Besides the above measures, you must include all the other details like licenses as well as number of workers to name a few.

Some of these types of statements are:

  • Construction method statement – This is for any construction work as it specifies the amount of material needed, the kind of project its needed for as well as the risks involved in it.
  • Cleaning method statements- this includes the cleaning techniques as well as the licenses obtained for the job besides all the hazards associated with it and the way to curb them.

There may be many more such method statements in the food department, industrial and professional departments too.

A method statement makes sure that no harm and danger is caused in any major works like painting or construction such that the work progresses smoothly. One may also know the number of employees involved and the people who are responsible for their safety.

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