Method Statement Format

A method statement format identifies the key features which must be incorporated in a method statement. A method statement is a document, often compulsory before the undertaking of any hazardous work, which details the safety measures taken as well as the risks associated with a certain job. They can be of many types depending on the nature of the work.

Sample Method Statement Format:

Subject: ______________________

Method statement prepared by: ____________________________

Method statement submitted on: ___________________________

First Paragraph: The first paragraph of a method statement must identify the nature of the work and the risks that may be involved. It must be written by a competent person who knows the work well and can enlist the possible hazards which form a part of the work. The first paragraph can identify the risks so that once they are identified, providing control measures become much easier. The method statement is often compulsory in some cases and this must be specified. The method statement is specific to a particular job and this must be maintained.

Second Paragraph: The second paragraph of a method statement must provide solutions for the risks identified in the first paragraph. Each process must be described in detail. A method statement essentially focuses on a step by step outline of the work, with a special emphasis on risk management. It is usually a successor to a risk statement.

Third Paragraph: The third paragraph of a method statement forms the conclusion. Other details specific to the job on hand must be specified. For example if it is being written for a construction job, information regarding area, boundaries etc. must be mentioned.

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