Medical Statements

Medical statements are declarative sentences incorporated with medical terminologies that are relevant to the purpose for which it is being stated. This kind of statements has to be drafted precisely and with clarity so that the actual objective could be depicted. These statements are being released for extensive purposes that include either personal affirmation or professional declaration regarding the health status of a patient. Despite of its kind, while drafting a medical statement one should take note of the following points.

  • The statement has to be briefed in simple language yet with medical abbreviations, which are familiar to the common person.
  • Prior drafting a medical statement one should have clear idea regarding its purpose in order to get an idea of how to fulfill it.
  • Be it a medical statement defining the health status of a patient or personal affirmation of a medical student, one should ensure that the declaration is stated concisely and specifically instead of being effusive. This is because prolixity of a statement document can reduce its essence and impart a tedious look.
  • Statement has to be drafted without committing any inadvertent errors. This is because a medical statement document serves as a record which could be referred to in case of need.

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