Medical Vision Statement

A medical vision statement is a document which is created by a medical institution like a hospital, a nursing home or even a board determining medical policies. Such documents provide an idea about the medical institutions activities, intentions, and approach towards to the field of healthcare and thus they enable patients, sponsors, governmental or regulatory bodies and all concerned to have a clear idea about the medical institution in question. This is valuable information which must be written in a cogent manner.

Sample Medical Vision Statement:

Name of medical institution: Daffodils Maternity Nursing Home

Date of establishment: 3rd June 1967

Nature of nursing home: This nursing home caters to maternity patients and offers high class neo and post natal care.

Our vision:

  • We have been committed to offering high quality maternity care to patients who are expecting. We have new and innovative techniques which can make the broth process easier to bear, and more enjoyable for both mother and child.
  • Our neo natal and post natal care has been ranked the best in the tri state area, and this is something we shall do everything to maintain and improve upon. We have the latest and world class neo natal unit which can accommodate up to fifty infants, all on life support.
  • We hope to expand this year as well with another nursing home being inaugurated in Michigan. This shall also cater to maternity patients and thus, we shall become a leading and renowned maternity care nursing home in other states as well.