Medical Statement Format

Medical statement format represents the way in which some of the medically essential lineaments are drafted, sometimes concerning a patient’s health or as a personal affirmation. Such kind of format document enlightens the users with the information of drafting various kind of medical statement according to ones need.

Sample Medical Statement Format

Details of the authority:

Primarily the detail of the authority by whom the particular statement is being release has to be specified at the topmost part or at the letterhead of the document. This helps the concern recipient and targeted audience of the document to consider it as valid and rational.

Date of issuing:

Essentially, a medical statement should bear date of issuing it. This help in maintaining the record of the same in case of future need.

Subject/ Purpose:

A separate section has to be allotted for specifying the reason behind formulating the particular document. It imparts information to the concern individuals about the nature as well as the reason behind soliciting the statement.

Medical Statement:

The most important part of the document is where the medical statement is being stated. It has to be drafted keeping in mind the purpose that is being intended to serve. Ensure to use the medical abbreviations within the parentheses so that it looks discrete and properly understood by the concern recipient. Apart from some medically important terminology at other instances, a medical statement can be framed with one’s own word.


The document has to be authorized by the concern medical authority.