Medical School Statement

A medical school statement is a document which outlines the aims and intentions of a medical school, in terms of what it can offer to students, its infrastructural assets, professional goals and so on. Such a document is extremely important as it is based on a medical school’s past records and medical school statement than students can decided between different schools. A medical school statement must be inspiring yet realistic. On no account must it paint a false picture to the students and sponsors or government bodies.

Sample Medical School Statement:

Name of medical school: Edinburgh West Medical School and University

Date of composition of medical school statement: 23rd June 1987

Our aims:

  • We hope to provide every student who passes within the portals of this school, a thorough grounding in the science and discipline of medicine, ensuring that they emerge as doctors and medical professionals committed to easing the suffering and misery of people.
  • It is our aim to broaden the scope of medical training by offering a dozen scholarships per year to students in Scotland, and the same number to the students from other countries. Thus, out campus and our hostel experience shall also equip students with a global outlook, and train them to accept difference as being a positive thing.

Our statement for the year 2012:

  • We aim to take in 500 students this year in the various branches of the medical field.
  • An equal number of students have graduated this year with flying colors and shall enter the world of professional medicine with their heads held high.

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