Medical School Personal Statement

A medical school personal statement is a document which is produced by an aspirant medical professional like an individual desirous of becoming a doctor or a nurse, and it contains his objectives, values, approach towards the profession and purpose of entering such a profession. A medical school personal statement must be lucid and clearly written and it must be expressive of the candidate’s ideals and viewpoint.

Sample Medical School Personal Statement:

Name: Roger Brian Kent

Date of birth: 13th June 1985

Rank in Medical School Entrance Examination: 37465

Course applied for: Diploma in Cardiology [Dip. Card]

Medical School Personal Statement

I have always dreamt of pursuing a career in medicine. This is a field which is always in need of highly trained and skilled individuals who can truly make a difference. As an aspiring medical professional, I have applied to this medical school as I believe that it offers the best training and education in this field currently.

My interests lie in the area of cardiology and I want to pursue specialised education in this field. However, I also believe in complementing theory with practice and for me, the actual hands-on training that I will receive in my internship will be of more value to classroom lectures and seminars. I am capable of maintaining the objectivity which is a prerequisite in this profession and I will not let my emotions sway my rationality. I will also preserve the humanitarian base of this profession and thus I consider myself an apt student of this ancient profession.

Thanking you,

Roger Brian Kent

New York

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