Medical Philosophy Statement

The medical philosophy statement is a standard procedure that all hospitals and health cares go through in order to list and provide the medical moral codes followed for the purpose of providing proper health care. This is not concerned with listing services or the facilities provided by the company but a moral ethical justification for such care and service given to each individual patient in need. It is mandatory that the hospitals follow the medical philosophy statement constructed by them. However, there must be a specific standard that has to be followed or can be customized according to the need.

Sample Medical Philosophy Statement:

Name of Hospital: St. Mary’s Care

St. Mary’s Medical Philosophy Statement for Physicians and Non-Medical Staff:

St Mary’s medical faculty provides a model for Ethical Clinical Practices:

  • The doctors must adhere to the Hippocratic Oath taken at the beginning of their medical journey. It is imperative the right choices are made for the patient and strictest confidentiality met.
  • The patient’s needs must always come first. There should be no discrepancy in following this.
  • The doctor must master his interpersonal skills and attitude of patient advocacy and compassion for quality medical care.
  • Responsibility must be taken by both medical and non-medical staff for the successful treatment of the patient.
  • Doctors must also address their colleagues with respect and there should be no room for animosity. This could be detrimental for patients and the hospital alike.
  • The doctors must value research work and contribute in advancing medicine and other clinical practices.