Medical Personal Statement

The medical personal statement is written specifically by aspiring candidates wishing to get into medical schools. This statement elaborates on the student’s own skills and abilities that make him or her suitable choice for the medical school. The statement refers to the student candidate’s aspirations and goals within the medical field and profession. The student must ensure that the statement conveys all required details about the academic achievements and work experience related to the field. An effective medical personal statement will ensure an admission spot for the aspiring medical student and therefore should be constructed meticulously.

Sample Medical Personal Statement:

Name of Student: Madison Grant

Date of Birth: 9/5/2012

College/University: Harvard Medical School

Course Name/Code: 122333

Application Number: B129

Personal Statement:

I, Madison Grant, wish to apply for the MBBS course for the academic year 2012-2017. I have always been keenly interested in the human anatomy and have already achieved top honors in Biology from my school, Tom’s Private Institute. I have also worked in the medical field and shadowed GP surgeries for insight. I have always participated in voluntary medical services at local hospitals and have also observed ward rounds, skin biopsy and endoscopy.

I have only recently graduated from school with top honors and wish to pursue my passion for medicine. I feel Harvard Medical School will provide me with the quality backing and support I need for pursuing this career. After all, this is the premier institution among all medical schools and boasts of the best research Cancer centre.

Thanking you,

Madison Grant,