Medical Personal Statement

A medical personal statement is a document which provides an account of the intentions, aspirations, goals and career objectives of any individual aiming to make a career in the field of medicine. A medical personal statement must be clear and expressive. It must provide an insight into the professional’s ideas about his career. It must be objective and distinguished.

Sample Medical Personal Statement:

Name: Jonathan Harker

Date of Birth: 12th June 1985

Post applied for: Medical representative of Allied Medicinal Pvt. Ltd.

Date of submission of medical personal statement: 23rd June 2011

Medical Personal Statement:

This medical personal statement is an indication of my willingness to put all my effort and acumen into my chosen area of medical representation. I possess the requisite degrees and skills which a medical representative is expected to have, and I also carry within me a genuine desire to contribute to this vital, but neglected field. With the advent of more and more complex medicines, and with easy accessibility, customers are faced with an irresolvable dilemma when it comes to choosing the correct and safest options. This is where the work of a medical representative becomes so important.

I hope to use my knowledge, and prior work experience to the maximum. I believe that the need of the day in the field of medicine is proper dissemination of the modern and complex products entering the market every hour. With my desire for hard work, my understanding of market requirements and my honest intentions, I believe I can make a difference in the field of medical representation.

Thanking you,

Jonathan Harker

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