Medical Office Mission Statement

A medical office mission statement is a document which outlines the aims and purposes of the medical institution. Such a document has to highlight its aims in an enthusiastic and focused manner since often funds are granted on the basis of reports and documents like the mission statement.

The medical office mission statement forms part of official statement and therefore is a very important document which must be given due consideration. It should be presented in an appropriate manner and the goals included in it should be practical and those which can be accomplished. Impractical and dishonest aims can spell the death knell for any medical office. Lastly, the document must be free of factual and other errors.

Mission Statement in Word

Mission Statement in Word

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Sample Medical Office Mission Statement:

Our Mission:

We, at Medico Super Specialty Hospital Pvt. Ltd. Aim to provide the best and most comprehensive medical treatment to citizens of the country, especially in the New York circle. Being in the field for a period of ten years, we have grown to understand the requirements of the common man as far as medical treatment is concerned. We hope to provide cutting edge technical expertise and medical facilities at prices which are humane, inclusive and affordable.

We Aim at:

  • Developing super intensive departments in Neurology and Cardiology.
  • Ensuring that the best medical officers in these two fields as well as other departments come as visiting surgeons and consultants.
  • Creating an atmosphere of ease and relaxation where patients and their family members can feel comfortable.
  • Setting up a comprehensive and high-end conference room where consultants can provide advice through video conferencing. Expansion of the current conference room is also on the cards.
  • Creating inter-hospital services which can be beneficial to patients. Arranging for air lifts and transfers in case of emergencies to provide immediate relief to patients.