Medical Office Income Statement

A medical office income statement is a document which contains an outline of the expenses and incomes of a medical establishment which can be a clinic or a hospital or even a nursing home. It must be tabulated correctly and cross checked many times over, since no mistake can be afforded.

The medical office income statement must be presented in the correct manner, using the required tools of Microsoft Word or Excel as the situation calls for it. All attempts must be made to maintain clarity and transparency in the document, which is quite a critical one.

Sample Medical Income Statement:

Medical income statement prepared by: Jason McCarthy for Accountants Pvt. Ltd.

Medical income statement presented to: Medicare Pvt. Ltd.

Date of Medical income statement: 12th June 2012

Medical income statement for the period: 2010-2011

Earnings before income taxes: 400,000 USD

Factors that have contributed to expenses:

  • Costs of equipment and operational costs:
  • Infrastructural costs:
  • Costs in damages to injured persons:
  • Taxes and other costs on sale of interest:
  • Cost of fire checks, security equipment, permissions from the corporation borough and so on.
  • Rental expenses:
  • Effects of accounting charges:
  • Salary of employees and additional incentives provided to them:

The medical income statement shall be presented on the date mentioned above. You are requested to recheck the tabulations. In case of any doubts please contact us at: or call us at our helpline number at 37434754.

The payment for the tabulation of the medical income statement must be made through Demand Draft addressed to Accountants, 12 Session Court Avenue, New York NY526. The payment must be completed by the 15th of July 2012.

We hope that you have had no complaints regarding our work. We thank you for bearing with us and encouraging us all the way.