Medical Objective Statement

A medical objective statement is one that is drafted by a medical professional. The medical objective statement of the candidate should be one that is precise but also provides the necessary levels of medical knowledge and academic qualifications of the candidate. The role of a medical professional is very crucial for the existence and success of a medical organization. Therefore the resume of a medical candidate should indicate the key skills that the medical professional possesses similar to the one given in the sample below here.

Apart from educational qualifications the candidate should provide in-depth information about the skills possessed as it helps to perform better on the job. The medical candidate should possess a lot of stamina and patience to handle emergency situations that require long standing and hours of work. The medical objective statement should be drafted keeping in mind the actual position that the candidate is applying for.

Sample Medical Objective Statement

Name of the medical candidate – Wright Michael Haynes

Address – #4, York, North Yorkshire, London, YO13

Contact Number – 100-222-3456

Application for the position of – Medical Trainee

Educational Qualifications :

  1. Completed high school with excellent grades from New York high school in the year 2008.
  2. Completed bachelor’s in medicine from University of London in the year 2011 with good grades.

Objective Statement for Medical Career :

I wish to be part of a leading medical group that not only provides good scope for personal growth but also professional growth that is filled with exhaustive medical experience and hands on exposure to all medical units of the organization. The position though might begin at the entry level I wish to have a great exposure that can help me utilize my acquired medical knowledge as well as skills such as good communication skills, leadership qualities, decision making capability and problem solving skills to attend to various medical problems on a daily basis effectively.