Medical Mission Statement

The medical mission statement is an approach through which the medical establishments are able to express their aims and purpose to their patients and prospective patients. This statement is useful for reference purposes when one is searching for suitable hospitals. The mission statement conveys the overall motive for providing quality health care and also provides a list of health care services that it offers. This medical mission statement also emphasizes why the given hospital is a more preferred choice over other hospitals. It is essential, therefore, to construct this statement carefully and with a lot of care.

Editable Mission Statement Template

Editable Mission Statement Template

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Sample Medical Mission Statement:

Dr. John Stamos and the medical staff at Luke’s Health and Care are all determined to provide the best medical support system for each patient. We ensure that each patient receives his/her care and value for the needs and wants.

Our Goal: Family Medicine is essential to build a stronger and healthier life.

Our Promises:

  • To provide high quality services at the most affordable and reasonable const.
  • To ensure ethical and honest treatment and the use of all possible resources.
  • To respect our patients.
  • To provide communal medical services and use our highly trained medical staff to ensure a safe community.
  • To approach each medical problem individually and ensure prevention of any further medical problems.
  • To always gain valuable feedback for the services provided by our medical staff.
  • To ensure complete confidentiality of medical records.

Guidelines for Patients:

  • Always keep appointment.
  • Always refer to the same doctor, if visited twice.
  • Please ensure bill receipt and payment.