Medical Impact Statement

A medical impact statement is a document which records and anticipates the kind of impact a medical mission or surgery or institution is likely to have on a certain number of people, or on certain groups who are likely to be beneficiaries of the mission.

In other words, the impact statement can be written post-facto [after the event] or ipso-facto [before the event] to record and anticipate respectively. It is often used to gauge the success of a program and to organizer for volunteers, sponsor and so on.

Sample Medical Impact Statement

Who We Are ————

Helping Others, a medical mission organization whose primary aim is to alleviate suffering of those persons who have been at the receiving end of power inequalities in the world. With offices in Asia and Africa, we are a well-connected establishment with an illustrious history of sacrifice and service.

Our Achievement ————

Over the past 15 years, since our inauguration, we have provided medical aid to nearly 8 countries including those in Africa and Asia. We have helped transform the lives of millions of patients. Our volunteers who number in thousands have made this medical mission possible. The sheer scale and size of our missions are quite stupendous and require immense logistical and financial backing, as well as enormous amounts of sheer determination and will power.

What we Hope to Achieve ————–

Our aims for the year 2012-2013 are naturally ambitious. We wish to expand our missionary base to 4 more countries, thus ensuring that we reach out to more patients. We tabulate that the impact of this expansion will affect 120,000 lives in a positive manner, ensuring that aid and proper healthcare is made accessible to such peoples.

We also wish to expand our financial base, and provide financial aid to these people in countries like Tanzania, Sri Lanka and Indonesia.