Medical Confidentiality Statement

A medical confidentiality statement is a statement or rather a promise by a medical institution to all of its patients and associates that the information which the individual provides the institution and the information which is gathered in the medical process shall not be divulged to a third party (i.e. anyone outside the circle of medical authorities involved).

The condition of confidentiality is extremely important because of the sensitive and personal nature of the information which may be recorded. A sample of medical confidentiality statement to be issued by a medical institution is being given below. There may be legal consequences in case of a violation of the confidentiality statement.

Sample Medical Confidentiality Statement

Name of the Medical Institution: John Hopkins Memorial Hospital

Date of issuing the statement: 15th June, 2012.

Correspondence Address:

Contact No.: 257- 437- 978

257- 365- 945

257- 658- 468

Web Address:

Our Moto: Integrity, Loyalty and Equality.

Our Aim:

  • We strive to provide right to equal treatment to all of the patients without any sort of discrimination.
  • The authorities have worked to be able to make available all of the medical facilities.

Few of our esteemed team members:

Dr. James Carter, cardiologist

Dr. John Harper, cardiologist

Dr. Joospeh Martin, Physician

Dr. Melanie Thompson, gynecologist

Dr. Lucas Marin, pediatrician

Medical Confidentiality Statement:

The hospital authorities require all of its patients and associates to submit many personal details and information regarding their past/ present personal life style. The information is collected for the benefits of the respective individual.

Many other details regarding an individual may be discovered and recorded by the hospital authorities. We would like to assure all such individuals that we at the John Hopkins Memorial Hospital, believe in personal discretion. The information gathered about an individual is not divulged to anybody outside the medical authorities.