Medical Career Statement

Medical career statement states a person’s interest on the field of medicine and medical studies. They should comprehensively elucidate the essential qualities and accomplishments of a person at its best possible ways.

Sample Medical Career Statement 1: Have a strong intention of furthering my career in the field of medical science where I could implement my year’s long research and studies to serve the mankind at its best.

Sample Medical Career Statement 2: Graduation from National institute of medical science with an additional degree in Clinical research management along with three years practice as a house Doctor, I am looking for a position that would exercise my skills and would offer me with various challenges in the particular field of medical science.

Sample Medical Career Statement 3: With a Post Doctoral Degree in Cardiac Surgery and efficiency in handling various Cardio thoracic symptoms post surgery I want to secure a position that would help me to widen my career on the particular field. Even I have a plan to join in such a position that would offer me varied challenges in this field.

Sample Medical Career Statement 4: I have a plan to join in such a position that would utilize my medical expertise and would offer me varied opportunities to widen my career prospect in the particular field of medical sciences.

Sample Medical Career Statement 5: Being a graduate in medicine I have a keen interest to join such an organization that would utilize my research work and trainings on the particular field.

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