Medical Assistant Personal Statement

A medical assistant personal statement should highlight the educational qualification, work experience as well as mission of the individual concerned. In fact this is considered crucial since the passion and enthusiasm demonstrated by the individual in the personal statement can often play the role of a crucial determinant in creating job or internship opportunities.

The statement should be well-worded and care should be taken to include all the important points in the same. The personal statement is a very important part of the resume or curriculum vitae of a medical assistant.

Sample Medical Assistant Personal Statement:

My Interest: The field of medicine has always fascinated me. My early childhood experiences as a patient of ADHD have shaped the way I look at attention disorders and the consequent stigmatization that comes in its wake. I wish to work in this critical field as a medical assistant with your esteemed organization, since you are one of the few reputed medical establishments that have carved a niche in this highly specialized field.

My Aims: With this objective in mind, I had chosen Child Healthcare as one of my specialized subjects in medical school. I have also attended and participated in seminars dealing with the same. This has led me to gain some amount of exposure as far as the subject of Attention Disorders is concerned.

Apart from the medical and technical aspects of the job, I wish to contribute substantially to the field in the form of consciousness rising. This, I believe, is critically neglected and has resulted in the kind of stigmatization and lack of awareness that ADHD has faced all these years, both from laymen and from the medical establishment.

Last words: I hope that my educational and professional qualifications will serve as an effective foil to the enthusiasm and determination that have characterized my work in this field.