MBA Resume Objective Statement

An MBA resume objective statement is a document which contains a list of career goals on an MBA student and job applicant. This is a document which shall be inspected for determination, quality and ambition by a prospective panel of selectors or interviewers and hence it must be very carefully written by the applicant.

It is best to follow one’s instincts when it comes to MBA resume objective statements as only the applicant himself can capture the passion and enthusiasm which such a document must necessarily reflect. It must be planned and spontaneous at the same time.

Sample MBA Resume Objective Statement

Name: Jason Hartman

Date of birth: 12th July 1986

Educational Qualifications: MBA in Finance from JIPNER Professional Schools Pvt. Ltd.

Post applied for: Assistant Finance Analyst, Keener’s Pvt. Ltd.

Career Objectives:

  • To create openings in the field of finance for myself where I can find satisfying and fluffing work.
  • To create a solid portfolio which will provide me with an opportunity to showcase my skills and learning.
  • To hone my skills with an established securities firm, where I can combine my personal and professional growth to achieve all round holistic development.
  • To reach a level of success where I can provide service to high dollar accounts and gain the trust of my clients and investors. I wish to be looked on as a shrewd and capable financial analyst whose advice and recommendations are spot on.
  • To obtain the necessary certifications in the course of my work with your firm and gain the necessary accreditation to move on to more challenging areas of work.
  • To utilize the knowledge granted to me by my education and combine it with practical application that is needed to succeed in this field and develop the instincts for accurate predictions.