MBA Personal Statement

An MBA personal statement is a document which outlines the career objectives, intentions and ideals with which an MBA aspirant wishes to enter the field. Such a statement is often mandatory in colleges and management institutions of repute as it provides a vital insight into the capabilities and notions of a candidate or a management student. Hence they must be well written with a lot of foresight.

Sample MBA Personal Statement:

Name: Marsh Jones

Course applied for: Management degree in Finance

Institution applied to: Annex Management College Pvt. Ltd.

Date of submission of MBA personal statement: 12th June 2011

MBA Personal Statement

I wish to apply to your management institution as I believe that I have in me, all the qualities necessary for a successful management professional. Not only am I street smart, and think on my feet, I am also a polyglot with knowledge of several important languages like German and French. I have genuine management acumen and finance, being one of the most challenging aspects of management studies, excites me a great deal. I hope to forge a successful career out of the knowledge that shall be imparted to me in your prestigious institution. This is a vibrant field with opportunities galore for smart, bright professionals with sound technical and conceptual expertise.

I believe that my skills can only benefit immensely from the teaching I shall receive at your institution. I hope to really make a difference in the world of marketing finance by engaging customers at every step of negotiations and clarifying their doubts to the best of my abilities. As a financial consultant, I hope to demystify financial services for my clients.

Thanking you,

Marsh Jones.

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