Math Research Statement

A math research statement is almost similar to any general research statement with the only specification that it focuses on research topics that are specifically related to mathematics and its application(s). This type of a research statement should necessarily be prepared by expert mathematicians and research workers in the particular field and should be framed in an expertise manner.

Sample Math Research Statement:

Topic: “Study of Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations (PDE) – Analysis and Practical Applications”

Research Statement prepared by: Jacob Bridge

[Assistant Professor, Lindsay Institute of Mathematical Sciences]


This math research statement has been prepared on a basic model of physical systems that operate on the theory of study of nonlinear partial differential equations. The research work has been performed especially for hyperbolic problems involving fluids, dynamics of elastic solids, and viscoelastic fluid.

Research Statement:

The research paper has been prepared on the basis of a thorough study of the physical systems whose mathematical models exhibit properties of operation of nonlinear partial differential equations [PDE]. The values that can be predicted of a particular model generally depend on the knowledge of the quantities of interest as defined by the respective form. Thus, the preliminary requirement is to ensure whether or not there exists a unique solution to the particular equation for a given initial pattern of the system. Considering the specific case of nonlinear equations, there are probabilities of occurrence of “catastrophic breakdown” of solutions for an infinite time span, and the one that exists for the entire time as termed as a “global solution”. Herein, equations have been studied for both two-dimensional and three-dimensional models and have been elaborately stated in the documents enclosed with this research statement.