Marketing Vision Statement

A marketing vision statement is a document which outlines the main purpose behind marketing and publicizing a product. It should mention the target group for which the product shall be marketed, the purpose behind the product, the marketing policies and ethics of the production company and so on. A marketing vision must be comprehensive and precise. It should provide an indication of the impetus behind the product.

Sample Marketing Vision Statement:

The following document is the marketing vision statement for Synergy Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

Name of product to be marketed: Sun Solar Lamps

Nature of product to be marketed: The Sun Solar Lamps are an offshoot of our energy saving line, launched in July 2008. It is aimed at providing companies and larger concerns with an energy effective and cost effective option. The Sun Solar Lamp does not require a great amount of power, and it is also a step towards conservation of energy on a small scale.

Marketing vision statement prepared by: Agnes Gomes, Head, Marketing and Publicity, Synergy Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

Date of submission of marketing vision statement: 2nd July 2009

Salient features of the marketing vision statement:

  • The product shall be marketed keeping in mind its utility and necessity in today‚Äôs day and age.
  • No expenses shall be spared in ensuring that the product is made available to the ordinary man.
  • The product shall be available on request, as it is not viable to make it a store based product. However, all efforts shall be made in ensuring that it is advertised well.

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