Marketing Summary Statement

A marketing summary statement is a document which contains an outline of the marketing plans for a particular product or client. It is prepared with dexterity and industry and is a very important document since it forms the blueprint for marking out the various steps that will be crucial in determining the marketing strategy.

The marketing summary statement must be compact and comprehensive at the same time and it should encompass the major items of interest like plans, budget, client requirements, deadlines, and so on. Care should be taken to make the document as representative and expressive of the intentions of the marketing company as possible.

Sample Marketing Summary Statement:

Date of marketing summary statement: 13th June 2012

Marketing summary statement prepared by: James Andersen, Marketing Office, Market Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Marketing summary statement prepared for: Gino’s Kitchen

Salient features of marketing summary statement:

  • This statement will be presented before our clients on the 23rd of July 2012 for approval and approbation.
  • The statement shall contain not only a complete inventory of the plans for marketing strategy of the client company’s latest venture, which is a 23 cover dining room in Platz Street, New York, catering to primarily the local Italian population but also to others in the surrounding areas, it will also contain rough estimates of the budget of marketing and publicity.
  • The marketing summary statement has been compiled by Mr. Jason Andrews, Miss Josephine Rogers, Mrs. Kidman and Mr. Daniel Colway who also form part of our marketing team for the client company. This statement shall be presented before the client company on the date mentioned above and the plan will be formally put into implementation on the 22nd of August 2012. The expected date of completion of the initial groundwork is believed to be 22nd September 2012.