Marketing Statement Template

A marketing statement template creates provision for detailing the plans related to market regulation of a company’s product. This kind of layout helps a business to make successful venture of their product by essentially describing their objectives to the targeted section of people.

Sample Marketing Statement Template

Marketing Statement

Name of the business: ________________ [specify the name of the business whose marketing statement is being put forward]

Contact Details: _____________

Intended authority: ____________________ [specify who are the intended audience for the particular marketing statement document]

Date of issuing the market statement ___________ [As this kind of document serves as record; hence, it should bear the date on which it has been presented.]

This marketing statement has been solicited for the product(s) ________________ [name of the particular product(s) or service (s) by the company] which is to be released by the business on ___________ [date of releasing the product in the market] with an objective ____________ [mention the utility of the product or the purpose with which it has been designed]


Abiding by the rules and regulation of the company, we hereby state that we would like to regulate the marketing of the above-mentioned product(s) or service(s) through its direct promotion in the market. Moreover, at an initial stage, we would also prefer to market it through print media. Therefore, the clients and investors are welcomed in order to make the venture a complete success.


Business authority: ________________ [signature of the business authority by whom the marketing statement is being released]


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