Marketing Statement Format

Marketing statement format is generally designed to streamline the marketing regulation of a business, targeting a particular section of the people. This kind of structured document is used for addressing the client and customer about a business’ marketing objectives within two or three lines.

Sample Marketing Statement Format

Business details:

This section should specify the details of the business by which the marketing statement is being crafted for a recently released or already existing product(s) or service(s). This should be mentioned at the initial stage of the statement document.

Details of the Intender:

It is essential to create a separate section for mentioning the intended authority of the particular marketing statement document.

Objective of the business:

It is very important to address the objective of the business to its targeted clients effectively and also mention how it synchronizes with the marketing policies they have adopted. This would help to deliver a clear picture about the purpose of the business that it intends to serve to their customers.

Purpose of the marketing statement:

The document should profusely highlight the purpose of soliciting the particular marketing statement to the intended audience. This should depict the nature of the particular document as well.

Marketing Statement:

A well-researched marketing statement has to be drafted which would serve as an effective tool for attracting investors or securing funds etc. One should ensure that the marketing goals are quantifiable and realistic in nature which can be implemented for the best marketing regulation.


The document is needed to be authorized by the concern business authority.


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