Marketing Plan Purpose Statement

A marketing plan purpose statement is a document which precedes the actual plan and contains an outline of the purposes of the company in making such a plan. A marketing plan purpose statement therefore is a critical document which must be carefully thought out and presented in an appropriate manner.

The statement must be devised by one who is in the complete know-how of the whole event and has considerable experience in planning and executing such marketing plans. The marketing plan purpose must reflect the desires and strategies of the client company as well as the company entrusted with the task of executing the marketing and publicity program.

Sample Marketing Plan Purpose Statement:

Marketing plan developed by: Marketing solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Date of marketing plan: 12th June 2012

Marketing plan developed for: Jensen Instant Foods Pvt. Ltd.

Purpose of marketing plan:

  • To create an opening in the market for instant food products which form the mainstay of the client company, and to conduct various pre-release enquiries into the same. This involves understanding the demand for instant food, the health and hygiene concerns that are accompanied by such a move, and outlining the consumer bracket for the products.
  • To ensure that proper press release and media coverage, in both print and television media, is achieved. We also wish to involve the consumers themselves into the process of marketing and publicity by hosting competitions, feedback events and throwing open the product to them before the actual and formal launch of it. Exciting gifts and celebrity appearances will up the ante we believe.
  • To create an opportunity for our team to work their way into this particular sector of the market, and to use the knowledge and wisdom gained from earlier successful projects in a comprehensive manner. We wish to replicate our earlier successes in a manner that is different from the previous projects.