Marketing Plan Mission Statement

A marketing plan mission statement is a document which usually provides some indication of what is it that a marketing company wishes to achieve in a particular project. This statement is of course project specific and is usually issued by the company and its officials prior to the launch of the marketing exercise.

The document contains not only the stated aims of the company but usually also a rough estimate of costs, goods required, breakup of marketing plan and so on.

Sample Marketing Plan Mission Statement

Our Client: We, at Market Magic, have been entrusted with the task of laying out a comprehensive marketing plan for our long time clients Gino’s Kitchen with regards to the launch of their new dining destination Gino’s Kitchen Reloaded. This 23 seat restaurant shall be located on the intersection of 23rd and 24th street in New Jersey, and will serve the fusion Italian cuisine that the mother-outlet Gino’s Kitchen is so famous for.

Our Aims: We have worked with the clients in two other projects, both of which were hugely successful. In this project too, we aim to popularize the restaurant and locate it firmly in the gastronomical map of every lover of Italian cuisine out there. Our primary target audience is aged between 15 and 30.

Apart from takeaway counter, the restaurant will have several options for students and people who are on the lookout for low-budget Italian snacks. This is going to be our point of leverage since an examination of the competition has revealed that no other Italian restaurant offers snacks of that quality within the price range of Gino’s Reloaded.

Deadlines: We aim at presenting our first draft and presentation of the marketing plans by the 1st of April 2012. On approval and further discussions the project will be underway in April itself. It is expected to be wrapped up by June 2012, just prior to the launch of the dining space on 1st July 2012.