Marketing Personal Statement

A marketing personal statement is a document reflecting the purpose behind the choice of actions that belong to the marketing domain. It is an indication of choice made in favor of the particular action by a person that is based on his viewpoints. Thus the document should be written in a clear-cut format forming a lucid impression about the person’s interest.

Sample Marketing Personal Statement

Marketing personal statement written by: Rachel Parker

Designation: Master student in Consumer Psychology

Marketing personal statement given on: 3rd January, 2011

Marketing personal statement written for: The statements are given as a deliberate attempt to start a research project on marketing and its associated variables in the field of psychology. I believe that the objectives related to the field would help me gain considerable success in my job area too.

Background of the topic: The human aspect of any form of relation or action is very interesting and I want to delve into the components of the human mind in marketing context.

An overview of the personal statements is given below:

  • I have always remained fascinated about the psychological phenomena associated with consumer behavior. It is intriguing to know that there is so many objective as well as subjective factors guiding the choices and decisions we make while making a purchase.
  • I was always marveled by the personality theories postulated by the stalwarts of psychology. I feel that these postulates can be studied further to apply them into marketing plans and develop compatible marketing features and fetch more effect.

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