Marketing Mission Statement

A marketing mission statement is a document which outlines the aims, goals and overall targets of a company, a business enterprise or any organization. It should be concise and precise, so that the goals are clearly defined. It must be well written with clarity of vision and a firm outline of the goals intended to be achieved by the company. A marketing mission statement is the mission statement prepared by a marketing company and hence it must be apt as well as relevant to the company.

Sample Marketing Mission Statement:

Marketing mission statement for: Market Riders Pvt. Ltd.

Nature of company:

  • We are a marketing firm with a strong sense of dedication and sincerity.
  • Our trained professionals are equipped with excellent skills, and we have tied up with some of the largest and most visible companies to market their products based only on our presentations and promises. Thus, our company commands instant appreciation and respect which we have to translate into actual success.
  • We hope to branch out in the future and we already have plans for three more new offices in Wood Street, Grey Street and McDonald’s Street.
  • Our annual turnover estimate for the year 2011 is 30 million USD.
  • Our mission is to be become a pioneering force in the competitive field of advertising. We hope to prove our mettle and take up more and more challenging projects within the coming year. We also intend to diversify as far as our range of products is concerned.

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