Manufacturing Statements

Manufacturing statements are well defined records prepared by a company or manufacturing wing of an organization. The records are based on data that are directly or indirectly related to the manufacturing information of the company. These are furnished in documentary files for other companies or clients who are contemplating on a business relationship with it.

Certain proclamations are to be made regarding the manufacturing details that may include financial aspects like cost, overhead, structural and functional specifications and raw materials employed in building the product like human labor and mechanized stages. An integrated informational base is very important for the success of a manufacturing company.

The key elemental facts that should be kept in mind while drafting the manufacturing statements are:

  • The company name and overview should be provided succinctly in the initial section of the document. This serves as a sound introduction about the company and the type of business it excels in.
  • The document has to be corroborated by the date of launch and name of the drafter who has been entrusted with the responsibility to prepare the log.
  • The product’s nature and utility has to be mentioned in order to understand the manufacturing resources and processes required for its construction.

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