Manufacturing Statement Template

Manufacturing statement template is a pre-developed format used for portraying a certificate of origin which states the manufacturer details and name of country where the particular goods are made that is to be imported or exported. This is an important document for the traders to serve at the time of shipping any goods from one country to other.

Sample Manufacturing Statement Template

Manufacturer name:  [Specify the name of the manufacturer by whom the particular goods has been produced]

Contact Details: [Mention the details of the same]

About us: [In this section, provide an overview about the company (manufacturing company)]

Date of issuing the manufacturing statement: [specify the date on which the particular manufacturing statement has been issued]

Manufacturing Statement:

This marketing statement has been solicited with the purpose to identify the goods ___________ [specify a recognition or reference number for the particular product(s)] that is to be shipped at ____________ [address where the manufactured goods would be shipped at]. This statement certifies that the manufactured goods are solely designed by the concern business authority operative at __________ [specify the country’s name where the particular goods is being manufactured] and it is being imported/exported [mark the shipping type] abiding by the shipping policies as defined at section number ____________ [specify the law act of the particular country’s jurisdiction that is relevant to the content].

However, in case of any forgery, the manufacturer is no way responsible.

Signature of the government authority _________________

Signature of the manufacturer ________________

[Authorization establishes the authenticity of the document]


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