Manufacturing Statement Format

Manufacturing statement format replicates the structure of a certificate which provides all the detailed information regarding a particular good that is to be shipped. On a concise note, it should provide all those details that are required to obtain legal permission for the shipment of the concerned goods. Hence, it should follow a chronological sequence of information and should necessarily have a mark of authorization.

Sample Manufacturing Statement Format

Manufacturer details:

At the foremost stage, detailed information regarding the manufacturer of the goods, that is supposed to be shipped, has to be specified. This is important for future reference of this certification document.

Within this section, the manufacturer should also talk about the country where the particular goods are being manufactured. The manufacturer might be operative in many countries; however, the name of the country which has to be mentioned on this kind of statement or certification document should be the one where the goods are actually being developed by the company.


The important dates like issuing of manufacturing statement, its validity etc. has to be specified essentially. These are some of the indispensable attributes which are needed to be maintained strictly while documenting a manufacturing statement.

Manufacturing Statement:

The manufacturing statement should identify the particular product(s) in question as their own creation. This should also certify the purpose of the manufacturing product to be exported or imported to or from other nation. A manufacturing certification is important to decipher the authentication and genuineness of the goods that are intended to be shipped.


As this statement document serve as a certification; hence, authorization from government association is highly required.


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