Manufacturing Mission Statement

A manufacturing mission statement is a document created by a manufacturing enterprise in order to proclaim its mission, aims and outline and thus display a clear understanding of the direction in which the company must be headed. It is an important document which often forms the first impression and attracts financers, sponsors, advertisements and corporate backing. Thus, any manufacturing company which is just starting out must ensure that it has a solid and respectable mission statement in its plan.

Sample Manufacturing Mission Statement:

The following document is the manufacturing mission statement of Silex Steel Bars Pvt. Ltd.

Date of submission of manufacturing mission statement: 2nd April 2011

Date of launch of company: 1st January 2011

Nature of company: We are a steel bar company aiming at an annual production of 20 million tonnes of steel bars in the first couple of years.

Salient features of the manufacturing mission statement:

  • We hope to create an impressive entry into this extremely competitive field of heavy industry, with our steel bars, which are strong, durable and made by the latest innovative processes in the market.
  • We intend to achieve an admirable annual turnover which will increase proportionately within the first five years.
  • Within the first five years, we also hope to open two more manufacturing units in Eastside and Kentucky, apart from the present manufacturing plant in Brooklyn.
  • We also aim at significantly increasing and diversifying our products, and foray into other areas like steel and iron works.
  • We hope to open our own retail store by January 2018.

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