Manufacturing Income Statement

A manufacturing income statement is a document or layout, which records the income of a manufacturing company, for a particular term. It includes the expenses of manufacturing, as well as the revenues earned from the goods manufactured. Such a document is extremely important for a manufacturing company, to keep a track of the income from manufacturing, and identify the profit and loss of the firm.

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Sample Manufacturing Income Statement:

Manufacturing Income Statement

Download Manufacturing Income Statement

Name of the company: Koko manufacturers Pvt. Ltd.

Income statement for the term: 1st January, 2010 to 1st January, 2011.

Manufacturing income statement submitted on: 10th of January, 2011.

Manufacturing income statement prepared by:

  • Mr. David Colbert, senior accountant manager, Koko manufacturers Pvt. Ltd.
  • Mr. Roger Browne, assistant accountant, Koko manufacturers Pvt. Ltd.

This manufacturing income statement is approved by Mr. Henry Gill, managing director of Koko manufacturers Pvt. Ltd.

Expenses Amount ($)

Raw materials purchasing cost                                                                              88000

Accessories/implements cost                                                                                56000

Salary and wages of employees                                                                            19000

Marketing and advertisement cost                                                                          9900

Taxes paid                                                                                                               2300

Loans and debts                                                                                                          nil

Employee benefits                                                                                                   6000

Other related costs                                                                                                   5400

Net Expense 186600

Income                                                                                                              Amount ($)

Sale of manufactured goods                                                                                    940000

Sale of shares                                                                                                             56000

Income from subsidiaries                                                                                           42000

Income from other sources                                                                                           7000

Net income 1045000

Total profit or loss                                                                                                   +858400

The statement reveals the income of the manufacturing company for the particular term and identifies that the company is running on a profit, the rate of which is quite high. Other notes and references are attached herewith for the company’s perusal.

_________________________                                         __________________________

(Signature of both accountants)                                         (Signature of managing director)

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