Manufacturing Cost Statement

A manufacturing cost statement is a document which highlights the costs incurred while producing or manufacturing a product. It includes a number of components like labor charges, overhead charges, taxes and so on and all these components must be taken into consideration while calculating the manufacturing cost charges. It should be undertaken by a professional well versed with the nuances of manufacturing cost statement framing.

Sample Manufacturing Cost Statement:

The following document is the manufacturing cost statement prepared by Shine Generators Pvt. Ltd. for the month of January 2011.

Name of product for which the manufacturing cost statement has been prepared: Shine MultiX Generator

Nature of product: the product is part of our new collection of super efficient generators which consume less power, emit less pollution and perform superbly.

Amount of product generated: 3000 generators

Date of preparing the manufacturing cost statement: 3rd February 2011

Total cost of direct material: 3 million USD

Total cost of indirect material or secondary material used: 6 million USD

Labor charges incurred in finishing the products mentioned above: 10 million USD

Factory and administration overheads: 2 million USD

Selling and distributorship overheads: 2 Million USD

Manufacturing cost incurred over the period of one month on 3000 generators: 23 million USD

Expected earnings from sales: 27million USD

Manufacturing cost statement created by: Account department, Shine Generators Pvt. Ltd.

Date of submission of manufacturing cost statement: 6th Feb 2011

All figures contained in this report are accurate and consistent. In case of any errors please contact, Bob Rogers, Chief Superintendent, Accounts Department, Shine Generators Pvt. Ltd.


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